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We create innovative and reliable health products that are designed to meet your needs and contribute to your health. You can find our brands in our own brand shops, at mail-order pharmacies, on the health shelves of the market-leading drugstores, and on the major e-commerce platforms.

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  • Users

    We create innovative and reliable health products for every medicine cabinet. Users can find our brands on the health shelves of market-leading drugstores, mail-order pharmacies, in our own online shops and on major e-commerce platforms.

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  • Distribution and trade partners

    Would you like to work with us to expand the international distribution of our brands? Are you looking to upgrade and expand your range of healthcare products?

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  • Industry partners

    We offer excellence in marketing and R&D, as well as crucial networks. Districon GmbH is part of the WindStar Medical Group, which has maintained close relations with the top trading companies at home and abroad since 1993. We do not operate our own production facilities and factories, but follow a networked approach to bring partners and manufacturers together flexibly and efficiently and to build strong brands together. This approach is our formula for success.

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What does health mean to you today and in the future?

Districon analyses important lifestyle trends and social changes for your well-being.

  • Digital connection

    What does Dr. Google advise? What can we as brand builders learn from this? The Internet is a medical guide. Healthcare providers are rateable service providers and enter into dialogue with patients. Virtual self-help groups are booming. There seem to be no limits to communication about health.

  • Healthiness

    People today are looking for strength and life energy with the aim of overall health. Chronic complaints are increasing. So the crucial question here is: Where will we get the energy in the future to avoid going through life exhausted?

  • Burn-out society

    Why, according to studies, do more than 50 per cent of Germans often or even very often feel rushed at work and under time pressure? What influence do flexible job models have? What causes the growth of mental health risks?

  • Neo-ecology & clean meds

    At what points does the mega-trend of neo-ecology and clean meds affect our everyday life? Organic markets, EU plastics regulations, the energy revolution and Fridays for Future are just a few keywords that influence product design. Clean meds are also a new subcategory in the pharmaceutical market: Free from preservatives, gluten and sugar-free - when it comes to their own bodies, consumers want little artificial.

  • Return to nature

    Our respect for nature becomes clear to us whenever we as humans are exposed to major changes in the environment. The longing for primitiveness is increasing. Won't the Corona pandemic make this urge even stronger? Rediscovering the treasures and active principles of nature for our health is one of the guiding principles of our brand development.

Districon Management

Torsten Knor
Managing Director at Districon GmbH

Martin Wulle
Managing Director at Districon GmbH

The branding experts are responsible for the further development of Districon brands with a consistent focus on the needs of users.

Our company history
A success story characterised by growth

Districon is part of the WindStar Medical Group which employs more than 120 people in total. All companies on the WindStar Medical platform share a common goal: to contribute to improving people's quality of life.

  • The beginnings: consultancy

    Why are certain health products not available in drugstores? What might the added value and impulses be that make industry and trade even more successful in designing and marketing their range of goods? What services can private labels offer to stand out in different product groups? How do you find suitable partners? With these considerations in mind, Promarcon was founded in 1993 as a consultancy firm in Wehrheim im Taunus.

  • The development: products

    The company has established itself over the years in the consulting business. Alongside this, a broad service portfolio was created which also included the conception and distribution of private label products (trademarks) and led to the establishment of a company network. This soon also included Dr. Kleine Pharma, which was founded in Bielefeld. The "asset-light approach" has proven to be the company's formula for success: we do not have our own production facilities, we develop and manufacture our products through a network which encompasses the best suppliers in Germany and worldwide.

    In exchange with large trading companies, another strong idea was born - it was the nucleus for the distribution of our own consumer healthcare brands. The idea was to launch the first non-pharmacy-only cold sore cream onto the market. It was a market innovation. The team of consultants at the time founded the SOS brand and distributed the product itself. Today, SOS is a leading healthcare brand in the drugstore business.

  • The focus: consumer brands

    From 2008, the Promarcon network became the WindStar Medical Group and the company's expertise grew rapidly - including through strategic acquisitions. In 2018, Zirkulin was acquired to complement the WindStar Medical Group's brand portfolio. The natural products from this quality brand have impressed consumers for 90 years.

    Today, the Windstar Medical Group is highly modular and analytical thanks to its platform approach. This means that our structure enables us to quickly realise innovative business ideas or new products and make them big internationally. This development is a logical consequence of our history. On this basis, Districon creates strong consumer brands with a business model focused strictly on customer needs.

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