For your gastrointestinal health - the centre of your immune balance.

Zirkulin has more than 90 years of experience in the development of natural medicines and food supplements.

The intestinal microbiota represents the totality of all microorganisms found in the intestine. They are individual for each person and as unique as our fingerprints. The microbiome affects our digestion and even our entire immune system.

For more than 90 years Zirkulin has been involved with our gastrointestinal health and represents competence, experience and reliability.

  • Zirkulin psyllium husks

    For a fibre-rich and healthy diet. Regulate your digestion in a natural way.

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  • Zirkulin Leber Vital Milk Thistle Lozenges

    Leber Vital with milk thistle extract and choline to maintain normal liver function - the body's most important metabolic organ.

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  • Zirkulin turmeric, ginger & peppermint

    Three perfectly balanced active ingredients for your digestion, in innovative capsule form that ensures high bioavailability.

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