There is an SOS for every ouch

Your fast and reliable first aid brand – for acute pain, wound care and personal protection – ideal for your medicine cabinet.

Antibiotic resistance and the spread of viruses such as Covid-19 lead to an increased need for safety and protection. Global health trends such as demographic change and the increasing burned-out society are leading to an increase in chronic diseases, especially pain symptoms.

Our SOS healthcare brand has been providing pharmacy-quality medical products with rapid effectiveness for over 20 years. SOS is the leading first aid brand: there is an SOS for every ouch.

  • SOS pain & heat therapy

    Tension in the back? Muscle and joint pain? SOS helps with acute pain.

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  • Disinfection

    To protect against viruses, bacteria and fungi, SOS offers a solution for effective disinfection. 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi are eliminated.

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  • Wound care

    For minor everyday injuries such as grazes and blisters, as well as cold sores and mouth ulcers, SOS products promote healing.

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